We offer advertising throughout our online travel guide. Our audience are any Norwegians who are interested in Austria as a travel destination.

Our audience

Target group with spending power

Most people who visit www.ø are looking for information about Austria as a holiday destination. Once they have found a destination that they like, they will naturally know more about the opportunities and services available at the destination. Our users are often in the planning stage and therefore in buying mode. Thus looking at the advertisement of related products and services is an important and integral part of using our travel guide. For our advertisers, this means an efficient and targeted promotion of their products and services.


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Our banner formats

Format 728 x 90

Advertisement - standard leaderboard template

Price and placement:

Under out logo on the top of all pages …….. € 39 per month.

Inside an article of your request …………… € 4 per month per article (Maximum one ad per article).

Format 300 x 250

Advertising - medium rectangle template

Price and placement:

In the right sidebar on all pages ……….. € 29 per month.
(There are maximum three ads per sidebar, and the sidebar on the right side of this page is our standard side bar).

Under an article of your choosing ………. € 6,- per month per article. (Maximum two ads per article).

This is the best responsive ad format, especially viewed on smartphones .

Promotion besides advertising

We are open to any form of cooperation with companies who want to promote their business on ø We are open to input from you, whether to promote for travel products or activities, arranging giveaways or competitions on Facebook. You have many opportunities for promoting your business on our webportal.

Advertorials and Sponsored Content

We accept informative travel related advertorials and sponsored content from tourist authorities, destinations and attractions in Austria. Organisations who supply services to consumers such as luggage manufacturers, foreign exchange providers, clothing suppliers are also welcome to present their products in form of 300-600 word articles.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools you have in marketing. This form of marketing is especially suited for destination marketing.

The difference between advertorials and sponsored content is;

You may write your own content as an advertorial
you can let our staff produce sponsored content for you,

whereas both options conform to the appearance, design and feel of our websites.

Advertising periods and discounts

All ads can also be bound for:
3 months = 10% discount
6 months = 15% discount
12 months = 20% discount

If desired, we also help to design banners and translation into Norwegian.

Please contact us for more information and a quote without any obligations: